About Us

As the name implies, what we do here at Soccer Surgery is a bit different. We examine ALL things football (or soccer for our North American friends) to get to the bottom of the issues of the day.

Sadly these days popular online footy “sources” more resemble People magazine and generally fit the same profile:

  • Lazy analysis/commentary – “X team needs to score more goals to turn things around” –  Brilliant!
  • Endless trafficking of hopeless transfer gossip simply for click bait
  • Childish “he said/he said” between coaches/players
  • Bias farts *copyrighted* i.e. commentary with transparent bias
  • Mindless trolling of rival fans


We Endeavour To Have None Of That Here At Soccer Surgery

Our central aim is to provide as wide a perspective on the issues to either confirm or invalidate common thought. We value facts and context and carve each issue to the bone so everyone can reach their own conclusions on players/teams/leagues with complete information.

ALL views are welcome BUT the hope is you are here because you possess an INFORMED view and are open to being informed. This temperament raises the overall level of discussion. Let’s face it folks…. none of us were around in the 1860’s so none of us invented football – the point being that none of us can be right on every topic and should be open to ceding to or at least hearing out other views. Football is not a religion in our view; just a sport.

Good natured banter/jabs/trolls are well in bounds but we prefer you leave the insults, belittlement and deliberate antagonism at the door.

Finally, you will not see any disclaimers on what team(s) we support to add some perceived context to the articles you see here. Some struggle  disconnecting emotion and reasoning guys but that is not our cross to bear. No bias farts here.

So you get the drift – Soccer Surgery caters to passionate football fans who think deeply about all areas of football – tactics, transfers, management. Let us know your views whether you agree or not. Enjoy our community. Share with friends. Welcome home!