What we Know we Think we Know (WKTK) – Quarter Way Edition

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We’re about a quarter way through the season with seven rounds complete. So with another agonizing international break under way it’s time to take stock of what we have discovered so far in this young Premier League season.

The August Curse is Real

Harry Kane’sĀ August numbers – 24 shots in total. 18 shots in the box. 26 touches in the penalty area. 0 goals. For context Lukaku, his main goal threat rival, had just 11 shots in the box during the month.

Harry Kane’s September numbersĀ  – 20 shots in total. 12 shots in the box. 29 touches in the penalty area. 6 goals.

This is deep in Kane’s head now and Pochettino has to be seriously thinking about resting his talisman at the start of each season.


Everyone is desperate for a successful Jose Mourinho

United came out the blocks like a house on fire with 6 convincing wins out of 7. This included two 4 nil wins to start the season. Then came a tsunami of plaudits from the pundit class followed by the usual Mourinho bravado.

Forgive us if we’ll pass on the premature praise..the opening schedule would only be easier if they threw in a Sunday league team!

Here are the teams played so far (and current league position) – West Ham (15th), Swansea (18th), Leicester (17th), Stoke (13th), Everton (16th), Southampton (12th), Crystal Palace(20th).


Manchester City are living up to the billing

As we predicted Pep‘s boys are looking ready to walk away with some silverware. Unlike United, City have handily defeated Liverpool (though short a man) and Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

The latter conquest of significance due to the manner in which they “ragdolled” the reigning champions in their own house. City had 17 shots on goal compared to just 4 for Chelsea and 64% of possession. Again, in Stamford Bridge.


Van Dijk is priceless….for Liverpool

As the summer window rolled on the fees being quoted should Southampton cooperate were eye opening. But now we have seen the Liverpool central defenders in action and the mystery has been solved.

Lovren has been the fans’ favourite target for abuse but compounding the issue has been surprisingly Matip’s “dribbling cone” displays away at Manchester City and Newcastle which has cost them points.


Ronald Koeman will get the sack..just a matter when

Everton are languishing near relegation after a massive summer spend of $150M. Who would be most at fault is debatable but a good place to start would be whoever thought Wayne Rooney (and his heft wages) would be helpful to their cause.

The beef with Koeman though has been his flippant dismissal of Everton in the past as though the club he manages is beneath him or the stars at the club. Big words for a manager who is struggling to back up his own credentials.

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