The Spoilt Footballer

Sanchez Ozil

First Alexis Sanchez then Mezut Ozil now even Alex Oxlaide Chamberlain of all people. The exit door looks about to swing continuously this summer at the Emirates.

Sanchez and Ozil in particularly were offered very large pay increases and could potentially turn them down with higher offers reportedly on the table. Our bone to pick though is not with the footballer who chases a better wage packet in pastures anew. Of course not! Wouldn’t you try to get a better salary for yourself? Why would a footballer be any different? However, what we take issue with is the trend nowadays for players to duck responsibility.

The way how this tends to go is that star players fail their obligations to the team. Then the team fails to meet its objectives and in turn the player’s objectives. Then the player questions the club’s “ambition”. Then the player demands to move to a club that matches this loftier ambition.

Though Sanchez arguably has contributed his share on the field with 16 goals in the league, his reported off the field antics which include clashes with teammates and public outbursts has been an unhelpful distraction for the entire team in recent weeks. Let’s also take the case of Mezut Ozil. No doubt the German is a big talent but has been widely panned for disappearing in the very biggest games when Arsenal needed him the most this season. Recent examples coming to mind are key away games to Chelsea and Bayern Munich.

So with your leaders not making a full contribution to the cause how will the team reach where it needs to go? It’s very unlikely and you can see a distinct lack of belief in the Arsenal squad this year with senior voices such as Santi Cazorla and Per Mertesacker missing on the field.

So this leads us to the question of ambition. One should recall how Real Madrid happily sold on Ozil after distinctly lackluster impact in his final season around the same time Barcelona did same with Sanchez after he was deemed surplus to requirements. Yet these players insist they belong at a club with loftier ambitions than Arsenal. Self actualization is a worthy goal. In other words one should be the best they can be but this all must occur absent delusions of grandeur.

It all feels like a cowardly blame game. The team can only go as far as its star players will carry them. Therefore buyer beware in the case of these two who have not proven to have the mettle to lift a big club to even loftier goals.

Why are they of the impression they could have helped a club like PSG avoid this week’s epic collapse away to Barcelona when they struggled to negotiate Watford at home last month? This is where the spoilt footballer really does a mind bend. Should either star leave Arsenal they will likely proclaim the “burning desire to win the Champions League”.   There are 3 legitimate clubs with a shot at winning that trophy every year  – namely Barcelona, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich. PSG would have been considered a dark horse before this week’s events. Which of these clubs will be in for these two this summer?

The truth here is that Arsenal is the perfect platform for Sanchez and Ozil to showcase their talents.  Their job is to not only inspire confidence and raised performance levels in the current squad but also inspire confidence in/attract potential recruits who when added could launch the club to everyone’s objectives. This is lost on the modern day spoilt player.


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